Saint Anthony of Padua



Roman Catholic Church
West Harrison, New York

The treasure of sacred music is to be preserved and fostered with great care. Choirs must be diligently promoted, especially in cathedral churches, but bishops and other pastors of souls must be at pains to ensure that, whenever the sacred action is to be celebrated with song, the whole body of the faithful may be able to contribute that active participation which is rightly theirs…
  - Sacrosanctum Concilium 114


Saint Anthony of Padua Choir

The Saint Anthony of Padua Choir has enhanced Liturgical Celebrations at Saint Anthony's Church for decades. Under the direction of Laurence Broderick, the choir has grown to thirty members, and has expanded their repertory to include masterworks from Plainchant to Renaissance polyphony, to Gospel, to Contemporary Christian music. Their remarkable dedication and unyielding Spirit have inspired all who hear them sing.

The Choir rehearses on Thursday evenings in the Lower Church. Rehearsals begin at 7:30pm. On Sunday mornings, the Choir meets in the Lower Church at 9:30am for a warm-up, and then proceeds to the Main Sanctuary for the 10:30am Mass.


Anyone interested in joining the choir should speak to the Director of Music after any Mass or send an email to

Please select from any of the following audio files from our music program to listen online or to download to your mp3 player.

"Behold The Lamb"

Midnight Mass - 2012

"Cantique de Jean Racine" and "I'll Walk With God" at the 4th Annual Blue Mass



The Saint Anthony of Padua Choir
Christmas Concert at Midnight Mass.